Tuesday, October 6, 2009

to learn

my prayer for you

to give
is to learn
is to share
is to love

to find
is to discover
to embrace
and to glow

to know
is the energy
that shines
as the flame
we share

our hearts
our passions
our dream
our possibilities
become our own

the purity of our love
is built on how we learn
to give
to share

the I of my being
is a part of the universe
that are the gifts of my passion
the energy to give
with my love.

so it is this gift
which I hold close
that I hold dear
when I share
it is for you to discover
us to learn
how you can take that
energy and share with your universe

and so all of our universes
merge and shine brightly
through the energy of our love

this is what I have learned
this is the I of my being
I share everyday with you


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