Monday, October 5, 2009

Response able

What is "I" ?
The "I" is the foreground figure experience.
It is the sum of all emerging needs, the clearing house for their satisfaction.
It is the constancy factor within the relativity of inner and outer demands.
It is the responsibility agent for whatever it identifies itself with:
Response - able, capable of responding to the situation  - 
not "responsible" in a moralistic sense of taking on obligations dictated
by duty.

Let me repeat once more our letter game.
We have T for Toxic and N for Nourishing.
We have Z for Zone or locus or place
where an event takes place.
This placing is called topology.

We have roughly distinguished the OZ, the outer zone, and SZ, the self zone , the place so to say , within the skin, and I have mentioned their is a DMZ which prevents the direct communication between self and otherness, which prevents us from being "in touch".
The DMZ is often called the "mind" or consciousness, which is confusing as to what is really going on....

- Fritz Perls, In and Out the Garbage Pail

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