Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In Search of the river

Do you hear me
Am I
the elusive river
the river is hear


Do you hear me
my voice
by the river
It IS by the river
droplets of me
quietly waiting
by the river

Do you hear me
the seeker of dreams
at the edge of sleep

the sleeping river
dreams listen
know I am me

Reach out
touch the day
touch the river
hear myself
in silence
I am me
Do you hear me


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

to learn

my prayer for you

to give
is to learn
is to share
is to love

to find
is to discover
to embrace
and to glow

to know
is the energy
that shines
as the flame
we share

our hearts
our passions
our dream
our possibilities
become our own

the purity of our love
is built on how we learn
to give
to share

the I of my being
is a part of the universe
that are the gifts of my passion
the energy to give
with my love.

so it is this gift
which I hold close
that I hold dear
when I share
it is for you to discover
us to learn
how you can take that
energy and share with your universe

and so all of our universes
merge and shine brightly
through the energy of our love

this is what I have learned
this is the I of my being
I share everyday with you


Monday, October 5, 2009

Response able

What is "I" ?
The "I" is the foreground figure experience.
It is the sum of all emerging needs, the clearing house for their satisfaction.
It is the constancy factor within the relativity of inner and outer demands.
It is the responsibility agent for whatever it identifies itself with:
Response - able, capable of responding to the situation  - 
not "responsible" in a moralistic sense of taking on obligations dictated
by duty.

Let me repeat once more our letter game.
We have T for Toxic and N for Nourishing.
We have Z for Zone or locus or place
where an event takes place.
This placing is called topology.

We have roughly distinguished the OZ, the outer zone, and SZ, the self zone , the place so to say , within the skin, and I have mentioned their is a DMZ which prevents the direct communication between self and otherness, which prevents us from being "in touch".
The DMZ is often called the "mind" or consciousness, which is confusing as to what is really going on....

- Fritz Perls, In and Out the Garbage Pail

Sunday, October 4, 2009

the Journey of I on the See of Me

Me in search of me
You in search of you

The light of darkness
by the river
searching, searching

without Me there is no I
to find me is to care
it begins inside
in dreams
in hopes
in wishes

gets lost in
the light of day
finds a path by the river
and takes me to
my child
peering out
smiling in between tears

the me
I search for
the moment
when day becones night
the river flows
waves quietly to Me
to look deep inside I
through the eyes of my child
i search

no answers
just me
inspired by the leaves
as they rustle in the wind
inspired by the water
gently touching my hand
inspired by you

to find Me

what I can’t share
are your tears
they are yours
I search for my own

What Me is in there
my words won’t tell
I am searching for the me
I don’t know
twisted in the wind of who

I am listening
to Me speak
to you speak
i am listening
to the forgotten tomorrow
in the light of day

and I
search for Me