Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In Search of the river

Do you hear me
Am I
the elusive river
the river is hear


Do you hear me
my voice
by the river
It IS by the river
droplets of me
quietly waiting
by the river

Do you hear me
the seeker of dreams
at the edge of sleep

the sleeping river
dreams listen
know I am me

Reach out
touch the day
touch the river
hear myself
in silence
I am me
Do you hear me


1 comment:

Maya said...

I hear you
The silence can be deafening
The flow of the river even worse
And WHO is watching you reach?

The river will flow
no matter how much you want it
no matter how bad you try

To change the flow is to
change everything
This is NOT easy...
Who said it would be easy?

TO want is
NOT hearing,
but only listening.

Jump in
and go with the flow
The river always spills out
into something wonderful,
it's just if you
go for the ride
or if you try and navigate
for it

Which are you doing?
Which do you want?
Are you willing to trust?
Are you willing to let go?

This will dictate the dreams
the sleeper
does not do this