Sunday, October 4, 2009

the Journey of I on the See of Me

Me in search of me
You in search of you

The light of darkness
by the river
searching, searching

without Me there is no I
to find me is to care
it begins inside
in dreams
in hopes
in wishes

gets lost in
the light of day
finds a path by the river
and takes me to
my child
peering out
smiling in between tears

the me
I search for
the moment
when day becones night
the river flows
waves quietly to Me
to look deep inside I
through the eyes of my child
i search

no answers
just me
inspired by the leaves
as they rustle in the wind
inspired by the water
gently touching my hand
inspired by you

to find Me

what I can’t share
are your tears
they are yours
I search for my own

What Me is in there
my words won’t tell
I am searching for the me
I don’t know
twisted in the wind of who

I am listening
to Me speak
to you speak
i am listening
to the forgotten tomorrow
in the light of day

and I
search for Me